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Loop Abroad’s Veterinary Suture Techniques course is asynchronous. You can start any time, watch the training videos at your own pace, and practice with your included instruments and model at home until you feel confident with each of the ligature and suture patterns you learn in this course.

In order to receive a Certification of Completion for the Veterinary Suture Training Course, you will need to submit a video of yourself performing each of the following for review by a Loop Abroad veterinarian:

  • Square knot
  • Simple interrupted suture pattern (2 complete stitches)
  • Cruciate suture pattern (2 complete stitches)
  • Continuous intradermal suture pattern (at least 4 throws)

You will also need to pass a quiz on the material covered in the course. You can retake the quiz if you score below the 70% required to pass.

You will be able to re-submit the videos after feedback from a Loop Abroad veterinarian if you are unable to demonstrate proficiency in the first submission. It may take multiple submissions for you to earn the certificate, but don’t be discouraged. This helps to ensure that the Certificate of Completion has meaning.

Please note that this does not mean that you are licensed or certified to perform suturing on animals – it simply shows that you have successfully completed this beginner training course, which gives you proper techniques for suturing that you can build upon in vet school or vet tech school.

Tuition is $499 $299 and includes:

  • Suture kit with all necessary materials by mail. (Note: available in most countries, shipping included in tuition.)
  • Access to all training videos for as long as it takes to complete the training
  • Veterinarian review of your submission videos and veterinarian feedback if the improvement is needed
  • Certificate of Completion by mail upon successful completion.

Suture Kit contains:  

Suture Pad, Needle Drivers, Thumb Forceps, Suture Scissors, Scalpel Blade Handle, Scalpel Blades (5-pack), Suture Thread (16-pack), and Convenient Carry Bag.

There are no additional readings, technology subscriptions, or course materials you have to purchase to participate in this program. University credit is not offered with this course.

After enrolling, you will be granted immediate access to the digital course. Log in to the course and submit your correct mailing address – we can’t send your kit until you’ve told us where to send it!

Suture kits usually arrive in US addresses within 8-10 days. For international shipping, please allow 2-4 weeks.

Meet your Instructor

Veterinary Instructor

Kristina Perez, DVM

Dr. Kristina Perez is thrilled to be a full-time Veterinarian Instructor with Loop Abroad in Thailand! In veterinary school, she interned at a wildlife rehabilitation center and completed externships at two prominent conservation research and breeding centers. Since then, Dr. Kristina completed a rotating internship in small animal (dog and cat) emergency and specialty care and a specialty internship in exotic animal medicine. She has spent time volunteering in Indonesian, Borneo, and Vietnam and feels honored to have worked with elephants, parrots, highly-endangered frogs, gerenuk, kude, pangolins, red pandas, maned wolves, cheetahs and more! Dr Kristina earned her DVM at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine.

Suture Techniques: From Basic To Advanced

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
    • Sign the Online Course Agreement to continue

    • Simple Interrupted Suture Pattern

    • Simple Continuous Suture Pattern

  4. 4
    • Cruciate Suture Pattern

    • Ford Interlocking Suture Pattern

    • Interrupted Horizontal Mattress Suture Pattern

    • Interrupted Vertical Mattress Suture Pattern

    • Cushing Suture Pattern

    • Buried Knot Suture Pattern

    • Continuous Intradermal Suture Pattern

  5. 5
    • Millers Knot

    • Modified Miller's Knot

    • Autoligation of Spermatic Cord

  6. 6
    • Suture concepts quiz

    • Submit video 1: Square knot

    • Submit video 2: Simple interrupted pattern

    • Submit video 3: Cruciate pattern

    • Submit video 4: Continuous intradermal pattern